Many among us have humble beginnings,

Great products start with simple ideas and big dreams……

Creating Partnerships: Our goal is to create long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with those who share our vision of high quality and sustainability for business and the planet. Each coffee we offer is selected with this goal in mind, and our approach in providing our products is to handle each transaction with care, concern and respect for all of our natural and human resources.

Serving Our Partners: Because we embrace coffee as more than a mere commodity we source only high quality coffee at fair prices. We roast coffee to order and include the roast date on every package. All coffee is delivered during its peak of freshness. We educate ourselves and our partners continuously with readily accessible and flexible training. We taste coffee every day. We know coffee is not a “one size fits all” product and we partner with businesses to import single origin coffees, create custom blends and/or private labels. Our customer’s margin and our producer’s margin is as important as our own. We are transparent with sourcing of, payment for, and pricing of our products.

Dovetail Coffee Roasters humble beginnings can be traced to a community coffee house in Aloha, Oregon called The Coffee Brake, founded by Ron Davis in 1993.

cathy up close
In 2008 Cathy, a long-time customer stepped in and worked tirelessly to bring a renewed sense of community to the neighborhood through the café by creating a gathering place where people could connect over great coffee. Cathy developed partnerships and supported fundraisers from groups as local as the Aloha High School Band and as diverse as TransActive Education and Advocacy. Along the way her passion for coffee roasting was ignited and she began to realize the potential that a relationship based coffee business could have for her life and for the world. Dovetail Coffee Roasters was born in the fall of 2011 after Matt Knight joined the company as an owner and became our lead coffee roaster. In early 2012 the roasting operation moved to its own dedicated roasting facility off Hall Blvd Beaverton not far from the Beaverton Farmers Market.

Cathy Zellmer majored in Women’s Studies at PSU and graduated summa cum laude in 2007. She is joined by Matt Knight and Chuck Zellmer. All are long time Beaverton community members.

A product produced with pride stands apart, those who stand apart can change the world.


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