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From the farm to the café, Dovetail Coffee Roasters
delivers artisan crafted whole bean coffee to retailers and coffee lovers.

Coffee Vocabulary

aroma (fragrance) – the smell of not only the brew but the freshly ground dry coffee and the fragrances that float up as the grounds are seeping in hot water.

acidity – Vibrancy felt on the tongue. Often described in terms of liveliness, brightness or a citrus like sensation.

body and mouthfeel - Both related to weight and viscosity of the brew. Is it heavy (creamy, silky or buttery) is it light (delicate)?

finish and aftertaste - sensations that generally occur in succession. Finish is often described as a brief sensation as the coffee is swallowed or spit out and aftertaste is a lingering sensation.

flavor (taste) – sensations that occur on the palate. For example, sweet versus bitter or sour. Note: some tastes can be attributed to the degree of roast while others to the natural characteristic of the coffee itself or its processing method.

be specific - Avoid vague descriptors. Words such as strong or weak should refer to the strength of the brew concentration (ratio of coffee to water). Mild and Bold are decent descriptors, but delicate and striking are better. Other good descriptors: earthy, nutty, chocolaty, fruity, berry, spicy etc.

*See the SCAA Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel for a complete list of possible flavor descriptors.


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